10 Simple Tips To Renew Your Indian Passport

Faceless AVGuest Editor – AV - I have had a harrowing experience while renewing my passport in India early last year, which I have detailed in my post – The Great Indian Passport Saga. In fact, I have had pretty bad experiences every time I have been to the Passport Office in India, or Indian Embassies abroad. True, being an Indian, it’s a pity that I have no good words to write about the services. Last week, when my good friend, who for some reason doesn’t want to be named for the post found that he was running out on time on his Passport, I was devilishly pleased (in a nice way), for I had someone who was treading the thorny path to where I had already been. For the purposes of this post, let’s call this good friend AV. Here’s his account of the Passport Renewal Saga and some seriously simple tips to help in renewing the passport easily and quickly.

Let me be brutally honest with you, getting a new passport is going to be tough – especially, if it means making a trip to the Indian High Commission in London! Passport re-issue, as it’s called, is what one has to apply for when one has no clue where the last ten years went. That was exactly what happened to me earlier this month when I realised that this book, that I had initially bought as an essential tool to write SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, CAT, BRAT (note: this one is fictitious), GRE etc., has a validity of ten years and was due to expire soon. The good news is I have now got my new passport; the bad news is, it wasn’t easy. Getting to the point – here are some pointers and crucial insights into how you can get your new passport without getting (too) stressed out.

TOP TEN – I’ve narrowed it down to ten. Its an easy number.

  1. Make enough copies. This isn’t an exam – copying is allowed, especially if it’s photocopying. You need copies of the front page, back page and your ‘current UK residential status’ page of your passport. One copy should do. If you’re one of those you-can-never-be-too-careful sorts, make two. I made three.
  2. Recent photograph means recent photograph. You need four recent passport sized photographs and if you’re in the passport office, they are just called photographs. Remember the number is FOUR. Ensure you don’t have to use those dodgy do-it-yourself photo machines in the consulate as they don’t work. Again, I tried to beat the system by submitting ‘slightly’ old photos but the lady behind the counter (fresh from her recent visit to the cinema to watch Sherlock Holmes) noticed that my last three Schengen visas, which were well over two years old, had the same photos. I then had to battle that machine and ended printing three sets of pictures, one of them mine. The first two, of people I’ve never seen before.
  3. Always Ask. If you’re in this room (picture below) and not sure where the queue starts or stops, ask. Go to the counter and ask. Any counter. The word is re-issue and not renewal as the latter is what you do when your passport is valid for five years or if your passport is expired, lost or stolen. If you speak Malayalam, even better, I’m not joking.

Indian High Commission London

  1. Enough food, water, books. Always ensure you have enough food and water with you and books (technology freaks can use those i-things). There is no restriction on carrying phones but there is a catch – no network coverage in the basement where you will be waiting. It’s not called INDIAN High Commission for nothing.
  2. A couple of hours aren’t going to do it. If you’re planning on queuing up at around 8:00am and hoping to be back at work at 11:00am, you can forget about it. The lucky ones do, but the majority of us will have to wait longer, and, this is just to submit the passport. Again, this can take from two hours to six hours so be prepared with that text to the boss saying you are not going to be in the office until 2:00 pm. Collecting it is less stressful – between one and two hours, in the afternoons a few days later. (BTW collection is usually between 3:30pm and 4:30pm)
  3. Get aggressive. If you have picked up any English mannerisms, such as holding the door open, being courteous, queuing up obediently, I suggest you leave it outside the consulate as it will not help you secure your objective. Even some British nationals who were waiting for their visas soon realised their Blighty way of life wasn’t working and I saw one middle aged woman step on a sardar’s foot to take that one last seat in the room. If your number hasn’t been called or you’re not sure of what’s going on, make sure you ask someone. Information on the website is not comprehensive.
  4. CASH. Keep loads of it. You may be asked to fill up additional forms if your signatures are different, if your spouse has threatened you to change your surname, if they just want you to fill up additional ones etc. you will have to cough up some extra cash. Seriously, keep enough change and remember – no credit/debit cards!
  5. Ensure you’ve taken the token. That’s it with this point.
  6. Checklist. There are not a lot of things to remember but here is a summary of what I’ve been going on about. 4 photographs. One filled in form. One passport. One copy of the passport. Food. Cash. Now the chronology of events – queue outside to collect your token. Once collected, enter the building and wait for your number to be called and have everything ready. Submit it (this bit is important). Collect your receipt which will tell you the time and date to collect your passport. Go back and collect it (this is also important).
  7. Enjoy. If you haven’t been to India in a while, this will be your mini India experience. Don’t stress yourself. Enjoy it. Imagine people from your home town’s RTO office or electricity board or even members of your local post office in India have been told to re-locate to the UK and hand out passports to NRIs who are doing the NR bit, yes go on imagine it – close your eyes…..aaahhh now THAT will be your passport experience in the UK.

Thanks dude for the post! Finally to add, the Indian High Commission in London is at

Indian High Commission
India House
Phone: 020 7836 8484
Web: http://hcilondon.in/

Other consulates in the UK are at Birmingham, Belfast & Edinburgh. Check the website for details. Also, for Passport Renewal, make sure you download a passport renewal form and fill it as required before you head to the embassy.

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  1. u r absulaitly right sir. i have alsi a bitter experience for renewl my passport. u r lucky u got ur passport, but did not get it yet. i went there many time but no result.

  2. I think the experience was a bit underrated. my experience is that we, indians , who shout one county one nation find it amusing how the indian redtape ‘works’.
    hats off to the guys at the embassy for making us feel that we are ‘indians’ afterall.

  3. Everything stated above is true. To top it, I didn’t get my passport on the day I was supposed to get it. They asked me to call after two weeks which I did, only to find that nobody answers any of the ten phone numbers listed on their website. I emailed and the reply was they can not guarantee the date by which the passport should be ready. I should just keep calling every few days to see the progress!
    Cancelling my trip to Spain as soon as I finish writing this. No passport!
    Ah Indiaaaa!!!!

    1. Hi Debasree,
      when did you get your passport? Looks like there is no chance of me getting my passport re-issued within three weeks.

  4. Dear indians!
    cant we do this application by post? i have tried calling the indian high comm but its fruitless, i have emailed them, after reading above experiences, i would like to know if we can do a postal application and how safe is it??

  5. How much did it cost in total? Can you give an idea about that? It says Rs.25,000/- in their website but I’m unsure if that’s what it would be fore renewal.

  6. A very sad but true story as published above. Every word said is true. The scene inside the so called HIGH COMMISSION IS PATHETIC. Guys if you go India I reckon the service is better there but these guys here don’t bother. Such a disgrace to our country. Don’t take me wrong. I am proud to be an Indian. I haven’t taken British Citizenship because of my love for my country but the HIGH COMMISSION brings a big shame to us. The scenario inside is like a fish market. People shouting, long waits, no drinks or snacks. Every one who goes inside should make it sure he/she carries enough food and water as you surely have to spend at least 5 to 6 hours once you are inside.

      1. Hi There,

        I am not sure if you have tried renewal in India, the process is pretty smooth and only took me about 1.5 hours end to end and got my passport deliver to home in 4 working days (I went for tatkal which costed me Rs3500 in total)

  7. bas*… my new passports have spelling mistakes, invalid old passport referred.. is there anywhere i can file a case against them? help me please?

  8. i renewed my passport on same day by paying additional 100 GBP..i went there around 10AM Morning on this Monday..got token no: 273 and waitied for my token number to be called ..they called at 12:30 my number.requested for tatkal and said story like i came from long and have visa extension in next 10 days and i cannot come back to collect so…finally he accepted and asked me come at 2PM to pay additional tatkal fee (100 GBP)..had my lunch at Kings Kebab(worst place to eat) and went back to passport office at 2 PM..he called me around 2:30 ..paid the fee..he asked me to come at 4-5 PM to collect passport.then came out of that place to explore tubes (had oyster card, so took tube and spend time till 4 PM) and come back at 4:30 and waiting for name to be called..they didn;’t call my name till 6 PM..only 3 people left and he asked me why did u here..i said for my passport and applied tatkal today..then he said sorry and he gave me the passport..actually he kept my passport aside and forgot to call my name..,,but its ok..i got my passport without any hassles..Thanks to Indian embassy..my advice is don’t go early and wait in queue..go before 12, u will get token,,they will finish their tokens at any cost on that day..if u go there after 12, they won’t give tokens..that’s it

  9. Can Anyone list the document required as on passport my visa is expired but I have bio-metric, what Am I suppose to do get a copy?

    And How long it takes normally to renew the passport?

  10. I went to edinburgh for the passport reissue.

    It was empty and had no problem except running around to get 2′x2′ photograph.


  11. Nice blog. Can’t wait to experience everything myself tomorrow :), I will be at the embassy for passport renewal.

  12. Visited the embassy today to get a new passport.

    I did not queue up early and was there around 9:30am, still got the ticket and waited in the lounge. I think there is no need to queue up as long as you reach there by 10am. They do give you tickets till 12, but you will be out really late.

    As usually things go slowly, they serve around 18 to 20 people in an hour, which is just unbelievable. There are two counters allocated for passport queries but few times they used one of them for serving people with lost and damaged passports.

    Few things to note:
    * Make sure you take all the documents with you.

    * If you want to keep the same address in your new passport as the one in your existing passport than no worries, if you would like to change it than make sure to take all the documents mentioned.

    * Make sure you take a copy of your passport for front, back and visa page. This was not mentioned on the website but I still took some and it was really useful. If do take the copy than there is a photo copy shop outside.

    * Ask them everything clearly about what documents they need to see when you collect your passport, as failing to bring them along will cause further issues.

    Forgot to mention they asked me to collect the passport in a month’s time. So an important piece of advise from me, take extra copies of your passport and get them attested with a solicitor. Things change everyday and these copies will come handy if you need them if you are planning to start a new job like me or as an id.

    The entrance to the embassy is worst than a corner shop, the whole office is in the basement. This was my first visit to the high commission and I was both shocked and ashamed at the office. India, the second largest populous country and the fastest growing economy in the world cannot seem to afford a decent office space in the one of the most leading global city in the world. The whole area in the basement was crowded, warm and without proper ventilation.

    Again the high commission put three screens all in front of the chairs but nothing on side where the area is crowded with people try to go backwards and forwards to see if their number is on the screen. If this is not enough, people who work in the counter are so lazy, that they do not bother to even use the mic probably few inches away and call the number. They just press the stupid button on their PC which changes the numbers on the screen without any audio notification.

    If anyone from the high commission is reading this, than you should be ashamed of the whole setup. At least I would have learned something about management, planning, organisation in this country which you can use to serve your own people better. But no, you choose to adopt the “SARKARI STYLE”.

    Anyway, thats all from me. Good luck you if you are going for a new passport and if this is your first time, than enjoy your this experience.



  13. I came across this blog while searching for re-issue of indian passport services in london & i thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’e experience & prepared myself to hope for the worst during my visit to HCI.
    I reached the office around 8:40 am. There were around 150 people in front of me in queue. Around 8:50 am the queue started moving as tokens were being issued. After collecting the token number, i went inside to see people race to find a seat to sit. I was unlucky & not too fast in the race to grab a chair, hence ended up standing. After a while, i luckily got a seat to sit as a person next to where i was standing was called forward to the counter.
    The token number for passport services started from 200 & i heard that the person who was standing first in the queue came around 6:00 am in the morning to capture that number one spot:-).
    Around 9:40 am the counter opened & tokens were called on & i found out that the numbers were moving very fast. Around 10:00, already 10 tokens were called forward. I started to think that it is my lucky day as everything is going so well & quick!!!
    Just then, i realised that most of the people who were called upon the counter did not have proper supporting documents & hence were sent back to take photocopies or passport photos …. They were instructed to come back later with enough copies, photos & just go directly to the passport counter as they do not have to queue anymore.
    This is when the fun began ….As the room does not have enough seating, most of the people, happily stands crowding next to the counter – Then it is a cat & dog fight among people waiting & among people who are returning back with copies of their relevant supporting documents.
    After sucessfully submitting the application form, a receipt was given with no definite date when to expect the new passport – I have been asked to give a phone call after a month to see if it is ready. Reason for not giving a definite date is the upcoming London Olympics!!!
    Anyways, my number came around 11:30 am & i was out by 11:45 am – took around 3 hours in total – not as bad as i expected:-)
    Also, a tip to married couple – In addition to, the check list mentioned in the blog, please take your spouse original passport and a copy of the same OR original marriage certificate & a copy of the same. Basically, they need proof of evidence for all the details given in the application form.
    Hopefully my new passport will be issued in a months’ time. Keeping my fingers crossed:-)

    1. Thanks everyone for all of your comments!

      It’s surprising how many of us are seeking the right information and approach while dealing with the Indian Embassy abroad. Keep it coming, I am sure it will benefit many more who chance upon this post.

  14. Dear all,
    I am shocked, and scared to the core. I applied for a duplicate passport in lieu of my lost one today morning, and I need to travel to India in 2 weeks time. Is there any chance that I can get my passport within this time, or I have to compulsorily wait for a months time?
    I am really worried, can anyone guide me? Should I pay a bribe? or persuade them by going to that office everyday! Kindly help me, I want to be on the flight in 2 weeks time.

  15. i have given the passport for renewal two months ago, i dont know why its taking so much time for renewal. pls help regarding this.

  16. well said, I am scared now, i sent my passport by post, God save me now. I don’t know what will they do to it.

  17. Reading the horror stories above, I was quite prepared for a bad experience for my son’s passport reissue. It turned out quite the opposite.

    I reached the office at 7.15 in the morning and was around 15th in the queue – I wanted to go early as some people had commented that HCI may have a tatkal quota and I didn’t want to miss out on this. Plus, I also figured that some of the issues that other people have are due to delays caused by people in the queue ahead of them not having the documents and then coming back to crowd the counter.

    The queue started moving at 8.30, I was in, seated comfortably by 9.00 and settled in for a long wait. I was called at 9.50 and was done by 9.55. I tried to apply for tatkal but the lady said this was only if you had a travel ticket for the next couple of days and in the normal course I would get the passport in seven days. So, I got a slip and walked out.

    On the collection date (today), I had been given a time of 4 – 5 PM and I walked in at around 4.15. There was a bit of confusion inside but finally figured out that you were supposed to pass your slip through an empty counter and wait to be called.

    I settled down again for a potential long wait and was quite shocked when I was called just 10 minutes later. I was out of HCI with my passport by 4.30PM.

    Perhaps I got lucky, but my overall experience was that for the number of people that go to the passport office every day, the HCI people do quite a good job. I’ve had far bitter experiences for my Schengen visas.

    Wanted to leave this comment as I got the feeling that others could benefit from going early and with their documents prepared. Also, perhaps important to note that people who like a service are less likely to recommend the service. People who do not like a service on the other hand are more likely to complain. The string of posts above may therefore be a little biased.

    1. I quite agree with your experience Amol. I had the privilege of experiencing the services of Indian High Commission twice. first when my second child was born in the UK and secondly when my elder son’s passport needed a renewal (sorry re-issue!!!). My experience suggests- get there as early as possible and queue up. Once you get an early token half the battle is won. The system inside runs faster than you would imagine. I got both the passports in under 2 weeks. The staff were not necessarily helpful, but if you have what is required it is done pretty quickly.
      My opinion to their so called lack of manners is that they don’t have any experience of working in UK as they are always at the HCI surrounded by Indian staff (even their guard is a gorkha) obviously their chances of picking up mannerisms we expect is slim. To sum up, all that is mentioned in the above posts stands correct but if you are well prepared, it would not be as daunting an experience as one might think… fingers crossed.

      1. Hi Karthik,
        My child’s indian passport is in need of re-issue. I was wandeing if you took your child with you to get the passport re-issued/ did you submit the form on their behalf? Also in the form did you get their thump impression and you signed on their behalf?Finally, can the re-issued passport be sent by secured post if we provide them recorded delivery envolope.

  18. I am planning my visit to the indian embassy in london tomorrow..
    This blog was very helpful to make sure I am prepared..
    Planning to be there by 8am as to make sure i finish by 3pm (hopefully) as have to go to beat work by 4pm..
    I will update my experience once I am done..
    God bless me…

  19. I am planning my visit to the indian embassy in london tomorrow to re-issue the passport which is expiring next month
    This blog was very helpful to make sure I am prepared..
    Planning to be there by 8am as to make sure i finish by 3pm (hopefully) as have to go to beat work by 4pm..
    I will update my experience once I am done..
    God bless me…

  20. Hi guys,
    I would like to share my experience of the Indian high commission in London.
    I must say it was quite ok.
    I arrived there today at 7:55am.
    About 40 people before me.
    It was cloudy and rainy day mostly. So it was unpleasant to stand in que.
    The que started moving at about 8:35am.
    The que moved slowly but steadily.
    As I entered the main door, there were three personnel.
    One was asking to open my bag to have a look what I am carrying with me. Other guy asked me what service I require as they give tokens according to the service you need.
    For passport service it starts from token number 200. For lost and damage passport service it starts I think from token number 700 or 900. OCI token is being given from 12:30 pm. It has been changed recently. And third guy was standing next to a metal detector just like at the airport.
    Once you get your token u go downstairs.
    There are six counters. From 2 to 6.
    2 and 3 are for passport services.
    To renew and re issue services.
    The counter opened at about 9:28am.
    There are three screens.
    U have to watch the screen as they don’t announce the number.
    So one by one they started token number started moving and finally after 20 minutes my number came.
    I gave my passport, 3 pics and photocopy of passport. She ask me to sign the photocopy and ask me for the fees. I spend less than 5 minutes at the counter. And job done.
    I collected the receipt and I have to go to collect it next week between 4-5 pm. Exactly after 7 days.
    I hope it will be ready by then.
    I was paying attention to people before me. And all of them were asked to come on the same day as me. So I reckon it’s quick, probably this time of the year I guess.
    By 10 am I was out of the embassy.
    So in total I spend 2 hours in total.
    Advice from My experience…..
    - go early to be ahead in the que if you need to go somewhere later in the day and if you want to finish earlier.
    - if you don’t have no where to go i.e. work, then don’t rush so early. Be there by 8:30 and you should be out by 11:30 if all goes as good as my visit.
    - if you are going to add your spouce name in the passport then you will need your marriage certificate and passport of your spouce with photocopies.
    Couple of guys didn’t bring these ad they have to come
    Back other day and be in the que again. So make sure you have these.
    - cash, exact cash is required.
    ……My opinion about the staff …….
    The first staff I seen was a lady probably in her 50s, at the information windows just before I collected the token, she looked like just came out of bed or rather spend the night in the chair there.
    Lazy, sleepy, and unwilling to answer the query form the people in que.
    The staff when you enter the main door (the 3 guys), looked serious like they are handling prisoners. But I guess as security they may have to look serious, I don’t know.
    I notice couple of guys moving around in suite and tie, their attitude was like they are some big boss and we are their poor employees.
    These guys don’t get one things that they are public servants, providing public services. They ain’t our bosses, but their attitude puts us off in if we need to ask any questions.
    However the guys at the counter were better than others.
    They were greeting with smile when people arrive at the counter.
    They speak English , Hindi and other south Indian language, probably Malayalam. I also notice that they spend more time talking to the peon speaking same language as theirs which was Malayalam if not other south Indian language.
    They were not rude but rather straight forward. If you don’t have enough documents and they ask you come again other day. Simple as that.
    I will post my comments again after the collection next week.
    If thera is any question guys , I will try to answer as quick and as good as I can.
    I would like to thanks all the guys who shared their experience, which prepared me for my visit.

  21. I visited the Indian High Commission today to renew my passport and I can agree with most of the posts above but I think we are being unfair towards the staff who process the applications.
    They were quick,informative ,courteous and helpful.
    Accepting around 200-300 applications and checking each one individually is tedious job and they were doing their best.
    The overall process is flawed and the least the Indian High Commission can do is have a checklist of the documentation required on their site so that the time wasted going to and fro is saved

  22. Hey Guys,
    So I have collected my passport yesterday…
    It was just 10 mins in total…
    I went there at 4pm..went inside…
    Two counters no2 and no3 are for passport service..
    you put your receipt on counter no3 and wait for your name to be called..
    once you are called they give you passport and ask you to sign the receipt and also ask you to check your passport.
    And thats it.. Simple as that..
    dont be fooled by the queue outside…When you are going to collect the passport..
    just go to the main door..tell the security personnel that you are there to collect the passport, he will ask you for the receipt, show him and go inside..
    Hope this forum will help others the way it helped me and others too…
    Overall my experience wasn’t as bad as I thought..
    Be prepared and search as much info as you can..it should be ok…

  23. Awesome Narration.. Kudos mate :) Its super funny and realistic. I had a pleasure read. I am going tomorrow for applying.But I am prepared for all the things…

  24. Hi all, thanks for sharing great info, I need one more info from you guys…I am about to renew my passport and I have a query here ..now I don’t have mustache but in my passport I have mustache…will there any rejection if I produce my current one(with out mustache)??…

  25. Great article. Just visited this Indian HCI last week. Each and every thing mentioned in this article is so true even today.
    When I reached the place and say the Indian flag, I felt so Indian. I even took a pic using my phone. Time : 8:15 AM
    At around 2:00 PM. I came out cursing myself that I was born in a country like this.

  26. Hi all
    interested comments. Can anyone let me know what documents I need to get a lost passport re issued of my son, and how long could this take?

  27. Hi – a huge thanks for posting this, as this made my trip to the HCI a much less stressful experience. I felt like I already knew what to expect, instead of being thrown in at the deep end. Overall I would say the treatment at the HCI is much better than the treatment once receives for some Schengen visas (I think someone else has also pointed this out).

    Also I would suggest reading the post by ‘Indian in uk’ as it was really helpful knowing which counters to look out for.

    I would like to add my two pennys worth:

    1. Passport copies (front, back 2 pages & visa page) need to be self-attested -ie. sign at the bottom of each photocopy.
    2. Bring plenty of cash & enough coins/change – my appearance has changed significantly since my last passport, so I had to pay £22 for change of appearance, in addition to visa renewal fee – they will give you a small form to fill at the counter, just with the name & what has changed in your appearance (I think can also be found online at the HCI website).
    3. Current re-issue fee for a 10-year normal passport is £52 – if you just google it without following the link via the main HCI website, it sometimes displays the old cached page, which states £27.I know this caught some people out.
    4. Photograph dimensions should be 35 mm (width) x 45 mm (height) – on a white or light grey background. The website states white background, but mine was on a light grey background and they accepted it. Take extra photos (just in case) and glue.
    5. Photocopies of passport can be submitted in B&W (I saw some people submitting in colour, but is not needed). Again take extra copies just in case.
    6. If you UK address has changed, take proof – council tax bill, recent phone or utility bill. Bank statement is also accepted, but not necessary – I was very reluctant to hand over my bank details, but its completely ok to submit council tax & recent utility bill instead. Take the original and photocopy. I would take this anyway because they might ask for proof of UK address.
    7. If you have any old passports under a different name, take them & a photocopy of their first & last page.

    Finally, as the first post mentions – don’t get stressed & don’t get angry at the guys behind the counter. Their behaviour was always polite (I was sitting right in the front for 2 hours so I could observe it),but if you raise your voice they will get very defensive & it will end in a shouting match (making everyone else in the room cringe!). Just ask them calmly and they will answer all your questions. Re-issue of the passport should be straightforward if you follow the steps outlined in the first post.

    Also to get the token, go through the brown main door around the side of the building (right next to OCI/PIO counters) – there is guy sitting just inside who will issue you the right token (don’t know if he is always inside, but today he was). No sharp objects allowed,but food, drink, Kindle, phone are all OK. Give yourself plenty of time.

    My experience: I arrived there 9:30am on a Friday morning, got token 250(they start at 200), waited till 11:45 to be called to the counter, everything was straightforward and I was out by 12, having a free hour to spend wandering the Strand (I discovered Fleet Street!). Remember counters 2& 3 for submission(8.30-12.00 for counter collection; 9.15-1pm for submission) and counter 7 for collection (4-5 pm). Good luck!

    1. Hello people,

      Thank you all for your helpful inputs. Would be very helpful if someone could advise about my situation.

      Can my friend (who lives in London) apply for renewal of my Indian passport? I live in Southampton and he is anyways going there for some work. I am going to post all the docs to him.

      I have tried calling Embassy’s numbers 020 7836 8484 and 020 7632 3119 but in vain. It keeps ringing, no answer.

      Thanks very much for any helpful information.

      Readers may directly mail me at haneef88@gmail.com

  28. All ..I renewed my passport at London embasy here are my feedback
    while submiting (2 hours)
    18 oct : I arrived embassy at 9.30 am ,produced the below documents at 11.30 am
    Documents: 4 passport size photos(1 to be pasted in the form),1 passport copy ,£52 fee
    Counters: 2& 3 at basement
    Spouse addition: If your passport need to add your spouse name then bring photo copy & original of your marriage certificate and photocopy of your spouse’s passport
    I got 29th oct as collection date in the receipt (4 to 5 pm)

    While collecting (15 mins):
    There will be lot of people insidde and outside the embassy,go straight to counter 3 and push your receipt..note that the counter seems like closed once you push your receipt then a hand from inside will take (magic :-)) ,then they’ll call your name need to sign as in passport in the receipt
    so alltogether it took 2.5 hours

    1. hi sana, i applied for a passport re issue in edinburgh on 17th of oct. its 27thh nov – been 6 weeks and its still not here from india. what date did u apply?

  29. Where is #8,#9,#10? Also, my old Indian Passport was Issued in San Francisco and the London HC tells me its going to be a month worth of wait. Wondering if they will send the actual passport to SF for verification. That will be cool. Passport travelling without me.

  30. My passport pages have exhausted.Do I need to carry photocopies of all the pages of my passport? please kindly reply asap .I am going on 10th of Dec ,Monday.

  31. Hi,

    I came across this blog when I was looking for Indian passport re-issue information in the UK. As most of the reviews are harrowing experiences of renewal applications made at the indian consulate, I prepared myself for the worst! However, I was greatly surprised and here is a quick summary of my visit to the Indian consulate:-
    1. Please note that there are NO prior appointments required for submission of passport re-issue

    2. Arrived at the indian consulate, Holborn-London @ 6 am, & was 10th in the Que..

    3. The token counter opened at 8.45 am, and I had to mention passport re-issue at the counter to receive a token. Note that no documentation was required to be shown at this stage.

    4. Seated myself inside the embassy and the passport renewal counters (2&3) opened at 9.15 am.

    5. The tokens for passport re-issue start from 200, and I was no.210. The numbers were highlighted in the screen above the counter.

    6. It took 10 min from the time the counters opened for my token to called. I noticed at this point that a number of applicants before me had some relevant paperwork missing, therefore pls make sure to carry the following for your renewal:-
    A) Original passport
    B) self-signed 1 photocopy of Front, Back & Visa pages in the passport
    C) Completed & signed visa re-issue application for
    D) 1 photo pasted in the application form and 3 extra photos separately. Photos should be 35 mm x 45 mm.
    F) If your marital status has changed, then 1 photocopy of the spouse passport (front, back & visa page)
    G) Photocopy of the Marriage Certificated
    H) £52 pounds application fee in EXACT cash
    I) Next-day registered delivery enveloped from the post-office if you would them to post your new passport to you.

    Trust me, if you have all the paperwork mentioned above in the right order, then it takes less than 5 min to accept your application. I was out with 1 HOUR from the time the door opened!

    Here’s the time scale:-
    Application submitted in person – 7th Dec
    New passport posted by the Consulate – 14th Dec
    Passport received – 15th Dec

    Join the que early, have all the paperwork, throw a smile at the counter, and you should have your new passport in a weeks time.

    3. The co

  32. Can anyone clarify the difference between REISSUE and RENEWAL? I need an additional booklet, and that very well falls in either categories. Needless to say both the forms are the same!! Help anyone who has applied for an additional booklet? Thanks so much in advance.

  33. I wanted to get done in Edinburgh but decided in London because my new address is in London and they asked for address proof. Since the passport fee was different in Edinburgh too London as well.. Edinburgh was supposedly cheaper when I checked but went to London juat st decided it was easy, reached 8:30 and got token at half 9 .. was finished by 10:45.. just a heads up.. fee is now 52gbp and you need self signed photocopy of visa and passport front and back..3 photos I was asked to come back after 5 working days in the evening to collect hopefully I should get my new passport..
    Overall not soo bad experience, but suppose it depends which time of the year you visit..

  34. Hi there, Hope all is well, I applyed for my renewal of a shot validity passport that is to expire Sep 2013 by mail with all the doc and a valid visa which is good till 2014 May. Got a reply back by th IHC saying this Lost Farther extenssion application we do not accept by post. Please come in person to apply with all orginal document. Can someone explain to me what is Lost Farther Extenssion mean.

  35. I think got my passport as promised on time, delivered to me via special service post that I had given the envelope for.

    Work was done in 20-30 mins once they started at 9:30AM but I had to queue at 7 for this.

    I think if your case is straight you you have all the documents filled up correctly and you have the new electronic passport (issued since 2000 or so) you will get the passport quickly.

    I cant be complaining cause because I know people you have had more problem with Schengen and UK visa.

    Thumbs up from me for the Indian Consulate in London!!!!

  36. I have benefitted greatly from this blog so thought I’d give my feedback to help others.

    Went 1st Feb 2013. Reached at 8:10 around 60-70 people in the queue. Queue started moving at 8:40, very informal checking at security and token obtained straight away. Good think is the 60-70 people became 35 once the PIO and OCI folk had gone in through a different entrance. The hall was relatively empty so seats were available until 9:20. (my lucky day?) Counter opened at around 9:40. 2 guys – one very quiet, one very vocal. To be fair, the vocal guy announced up front what people needed to prepare – 1 copy each of front, back and current UK visa. Paste one passport picture on form and have 3 others ready. He said there were 3 photocopiers upstairs and at this point at least 10 people left which meant they hadn’t done their research. I was number 230 and was seen at 10:40 so very impressed. The only reason I am giving feedback here is to dispel the myths which literally made me give up my Indian citizenship and go for a British passport at £800. Happy I chose to keep my Indian passport.

    Here’s my view.
    - both guys behind counter were decent, courteous, competent and to the point.
    - keep a hawk eye on the screen as your number isn’t called and within 10 seconds if you don’t pitch up, the next token is called.
    - the public that was there wasn’t prepared so the fault lies there. Not having the sense to make copies or having passport pictures is ridiculous.
    - Ladies, make sure your picture has both EARS visible. 2 ladies were sent back.
    - If you are there on behalf of any family member, you need an authorisation letter from them and copies as mentioned above with each copy signed by them.
    - One British guy married to an Indian lady came to renew her passport and did not have 4 pictures, copies not attested and he was quite surprised that she had to give him authorisation. Unhappy but rightly sent back. (bloody gora)
    - You can submit on behalf of someone but collection can only be done by the passport holder. (not sure if someone is very ill or elderly/disabled).
    - I was given £10 change in return for £62 so I suppose loose change might be a problem but not if you need bills.
    - In conclusion, these guys are doing a great job. By Indian standards, Excellent. I can assure you these guys were quick and knew what they were doing. I have queued in India and all I can say is appreciate that we are here and not back home. Pray for the folk in the rape capital and Punjab as no one goes through more hell in passport/visa queues than those people.

    - Picking up passport next week but even if something goes wrong then, I would still stick to my 4/5 rating. The only criticism is that the website needs regular updating and if instructions were extremely clear some people might benefit. For those Indians who think everywhere in the world is ‘Chalta hai’, you will make life difficult for everyone else, including the high commission people.

  37. Service sought:
    1. Passport Re-issue
    2. Addition of Spouse name
    3. Change of Address

    Documents submitted:
    1. Passport re-issue
    a) Old passport
    b) 4 Passport sized photographs (1 glued to the application + 3 additional)
    c) Copy of Passport – self attested (first, last, UK visa pages)

    2. Addition of Spouse name
    a) Copy of Marriage certificate – self attested
    b) Copy of spouse’s passport – self attested (first, last, UK visa pages)
    I did not have the original marriage certificate during the submission.
    Alternately, I had my wife’s passport. They verified the copy against the
    original and handed over the passport back to me.

    3. Change of Address
    a) Copy of utility bill – self attested (I submitted BSNL telephone bill)
    They also accept bank statements with full address.

    Reached the Embassy at: 08:30AM
    Submitted Application at: 11:30AM

    1. Hi Shankar,

      I am also planning to do renewal(re-issue) of passport along with spouse addition & address change. Do we need to choose 1.re-issue of passport & 2.miscellaneous service options in application form.

      Or we just need to tell what additions along with passport re-issue are to be done(spouse addition & address change) while submitting application in counter

      Can you advise..?


  38. Hi ,
    First of all i would like to thank the owner of this blog and all other readers from bottom (please read the sentence completely ;) ) of my heart for sharing the experiences during their passport renewal process.

    I have been to Indian embassy 3-4 times and every time I found them to be quite cooperative and well behaved. Let me utilize this opportunity to share my recent experience of passport renewal oops re-issue :):) with you all……To start with..i searched online “how to renew Indian passport in London” and ended up on this blog …really enjoyed the post and comments but i reckon some of the comments were really harsh…..
    These comments forced me to think ….are people working at embassy so inefficient? is the whole process of renewing (reissuing) the passport actually so painful and cumbersome even in UK ? and if it is then why so?? …. Anyways we were going to go through the whole process ourselves so thought why not just waits n watch….

    Finally the day arrives to visit Indian embassy in London. We (I/wife) reached at Indian embassy around 8:15am in the morning and we could already see a long queue for passport services. Queue started moving around 8:45 as tokens were being issued , collected the tokens and went inside around 9:10am, got the seats n just sat there patiently .For the sake of time pass we thought of using our new smart phones( were we showing off our new gadgets…..naah ) but damn there was no network coverage. We looked at each other like fools and started observing people to kill the time and suddenly I heard one lady talking on phone loud enough as if she was in market ……..n then after some time another man..… I reckon they were Vodafone customers ;) it remined me ” wherever you go, our network (Vodafone) follows ;);) ad” …. …Imagine what would be the situation had all people been Vodafone customers ….

    Now back to tokens again … Guys behind the counter number 2 and 3 started calling numbers around 9:30am and numbers were moving reasonably fast until some people who didn’t have proper or all documents ready as mentioned on the website http://hcilondon.in/passport.php . (You get all instruction on this website or on this blog)

    Now some people will argue this but its bitter truth and we have to accept that this is not embassy’s fault it’s ours, who are making things difficult for ourselves and we as a human being love to bash others for no reason…n in this case on the receiving ends are people working in indian embassy.

    I am off topic again……So our number came around 10:45am and the polite and smiling lady (n I am not sarcastic here) checked our filled forms ,documents and verified what passport services were needed . We handed over the suitable fees , recieved the receipts with dates to collect the passport(one week later) and done. Straight 10 minute for submitting the documents for two passports. So I would say not a bad experience at all rather it was quite smooth.( have heard of quite bad experiences of other embassies as well , like schengen visa/US visa etc)

    For the lady who served us, she was quite helpful, calm, smiling face and cooperative enough throughout the whole 10 min.Kudos to her…..

    After one week, again went there to collect the passports at given times (4pm to 5pm). Went straight inside on counter 2 and 3 as directed by two security personal on the gate n next scene in front of us was a herd of people standing in front of counters……or should i say cattle market……hmmm Surprised to read the word herd instead of group. Yes it was herd of deaf people who don’t like to heed on the announcements in general but ready to crib and argue with others for anything. The poor lady serving on the counter no 2 was requesting people
    ” To drop the receipts on counter 3 and to be seated patiently and saying that they will call by Names to handover the passports on counter 2″ but it was of no use. People were still standing on the counters (ok ok groups not herd). Finally that lady was replaced by a man after seeing this drama and he refused to serve anyone until all the people standing at the counters would take their seats. In spite of this, there were 2 poor guys still arguing with that person on the counter. Wow what else i can say……..finally people sat down as if they were doing some favor to Indian Embassy and passports were distributed by calling people one by one in sequence….. And you know how much time the whole process after settling down would have taken…..Guess ……just 15-20 minutes to distribute almost 30-35 passports.

    In brief, i would say its 30:70 ratio of being responsible for whatever we have/had to face in Indian embassy. (Off course we belong to 70% category n I am calling a spade a spade.)

    Along with people working at embassy, we also have some responsibility to do our home work (fully understand the process and take all the documents required) before applying for any services from embassy. We need to be patient and just think ourselves to be on the other side of the table as well. Now i am sure there might be lot of people who wont share the same thoughts as i do.

    1. Hi,
      My husband had a similar experience at IHC,last week and he has been asked to come back after a month.Just wanted to know that those of you who has been asked to come back after a month,when did they finally got their reissued passport???
      My husband’s passport has been issued for 20years and because of that we couldnt get our schengen visa(which dont entertain passports which are more than 10years old).The lady at the counter told since the passport is hand written it will take a month for necessary action.
      Please reply…

  39. Dear friend,

    We can only take Indian High Commission out of India,
    Not Indians out of Indian High Commission…..
    Mera Bharath Mahan….


  40. hi i want to aply for re new my indian passport but my passport is expared now pls any body halp me to tell me about re new my indian passport. i got here{uk} indafinate leave to remain. but i want to go to india for holidays. what should i do. please any body give me advise. how long takes time to renewal passport

  41. Hi,

    I queued at 9.30 in the morning and bang! I am at my office desk (Embankment, 10 Minutes Walk) at 11.30 now!

    I went for a Damaged Passport Issue and they charge me £122. I am asked to come back in 3 weeks for a ‘interview’!

    Now can anyone tell me what is this?

    Thanks in advance.

  42. yore storey sound true. me, they ask learn englise and cum in the back again.
    they make nonsence issue for photo and ask to get it from photo bhoot. i dont know what he say by that. then that lady show me small room with kurtane and ask me go there. i become angry now only in mind. i want speak so many things but she relize me bad englise. i sit in kurtane romm for 6 hours and no one calls me. good that i read book and watch a hole hindi picture in bhoot. when i check, no one in office and dark and i am friedtanned. i scary with the ghost.
    after night, morning when they cum in the back again, I ask why it takes so long.
    they dont asnwer me. they ask me to wait in line, i was only one waiting.

    i explain them in punjabi and then in malayalam. i think malayalam works.
    then they took my passport after i cry. i pade $107 to give my passport.
    still waiting for new passport. 2 years/
    i cannot live country and become illegal because they dont get passport.
    fukkking A?

  43. Hi Guys
    Thansk for sharing your experiences. I have to get my passport renewed ..ohhh I mean Re Issues :). Also want to get the address changed as no one is living on the address that is mentioned on my current passport.
    #1 Do they accept Indian Driving Licence as proof of Address
    #2. Do they keep the original or return it after seeing and keep the photocopy
    #3. Does it takes long time to get the passport back if you are changing your address

    thanks in advance for your comments

  44. Hi…actually I’ve just lost my indian passport in UK..I’m an international student in 2nd year…I’ve searched for it everywhere..Im totally helpless…I don’t want my father to know my state because if he does…he’ll be sad because of my carelessness…and the worst part is I’m waiting for a reply from the companies that I’ve applied for an internship..I’m screwed BIG time…can somebody PPLLEEAASSEEEE tell me what should I do…please!!!

  45. Let me tell you my experience, mine was very good and I did not face any issues and problems as other people are saying.
    Few things to note.
    1- Going too early is not necessary.
    2- When you reach at the office for queue always ask for the queue and make sure you are in the correct queue
    3- Take water and something to eat if you reach early for queuing.
    4- Take umbrella and check for the weather before going
    5- Take attested copies of the documents
    6- It is now mandatory to add your wife’s name so get the originals of marriage certificates, her passport and BRP card if there is one.
    7- Get something to eat while you are waiting for your turn.
    8- The window opens at 9:30 and the people are really fast and smart. So I would say they are quite good.

  46. Is there any website link to check status of the passport application from London. This time they are taking minimum 5 weeks to process passport from London. No Tatkal facility. Information in HCI London website is outdated. They should be taken to the court for not providing right information in the website.

  47. Hi,
    Can any body guide-How many days it will take for renewal of Indian passport in uk
    I have submitted my application at India consulate,Edinburgh on 25th Nov 2013

  48. Experience in Dec 13.

    Passport renewal / re-issue; had run out of pages.

    On Dec 27-2013.
    Crowded – thought it would be less of rush but dont expect it.
    Went at 9pm, got a token in about 5 mins – most of the crowd was already inside – did not want to wait in the cold.
    Was served at about 11.35.

    original passport
    copy of front back and biometric residence permit.
    IMPORTANT: if you have any observation pages like change of address etc on the passport then take a copy. I was asked for it. Seems very silly to why they need it when they keep the original passport till they reissue another one.
    ****BETTER TO TAKE A COPY OF THE WHOLE PASSPORT**** because it is a ‘sarkari’ office as people know.

    I had an off white background photo; no fuss in accepting it but there were some cases with another counter where the officer (Eldo Paul) asked for a photo with ‘pure white background’. My visa officer was (Balamurali Mohan). The whole staff is a bit better than when I had gone previously (for my son’s pp 3 yrs ago). The old bunch must have been recalled!

    Was adding my spouse’s name on the passport (previous one did not have it).
    Marriage cert (original and copy)
    Her passport front page copy (she is British) AND her original passport.

    After 5 weeks have to **write** back to them to see if the pp is ready. That is some bad organization I should say

  49. Hi

    Thanks for all these comments and views. I had to sort out my wife’s passport as it had expired in 2009 ! I was absolutely dreading the experience of the HCI despite the sound advice in this blog etc. From my experience today….

    1. Be prepared with all documents and take copies and self attest (google what that means !).
    2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – if I had done this, then I would have ended up at the counter (7) for expired passports and not sat in front of the counter (2 -3) for passport renewals (passports that are still valid) for approx 3 hours. How we laughed !
    3. Therefore, be clear with the staff, giving out the tokens at the entrance, why you are there. Be REALLY clear. Another person has already stated the different ticket numbers that link to different services i.e. 2xx is for renewals , 7xx is for expired etc. Make sure you have the right starting number for what you want to avoid an unnecessary delay.
    4. What ever happens – be chilled (come on it’s India) and just go with the experience !!

    Good Luck

  50. Hi All,
    I was wondering if anyone had any experience/information about the processing time for the re-issue (renewal) of a short validity Indian passport.

    My husband applied for one on 20/12/13. We took all the necessary paperwork (his current passport, filled out passport application, a copy of my passport and a copy of our marriage certificate which was attested by a solicitor.

    At the desk the officer demanded to see an original copy of our marriage certificate, I explained that we didnt have the original as it was with the home office (I am applying for my husband’s spouse visa) and that this copy had been attested by our solicitor.

    They took the application and my husband paid the fee’s (£52) and the receipt had no date written on it.

    On the 30/12/13 we had to go back to the HCI as I was applying for my OCI card so my husband thought he would ask about his passport. The man at the counter has told him to come back in 4 weeks with our original marriage certificate and then he will get his passport.

    My question is has anyone else been through this? And did you get your passport after 4 weeks?

    Any advice and guidance will be most appreciated.

  51. hi my name is vamsi krishna.avula.
    i applied for daughters lost passport on 16/12/2013.we have to travel to india.
    i dont know when it comes.they said you will receive letter from indian embassy.
    i havent received anything from indian embassy.can please any body help me.
    i am really in desperate situation.

  52. I submitted my passport reissue in person @ India House Aldwych.
    They said it could take up to 5 weeks to arrive. Its now been over 5 weeks i have no passport.
    I tried ringing all the numbers to track my passport but no answer i also sent emails to http://www.att.pass@hcilondon.net but its not working it says delivery failure.

    anybody got any other e-mail addresses or contact numbers i could use to track my passport thats gone for reisue please help.

    kimnd regards ppl

  53. hi Everyone,
    you made my day, my very bad sad Monday, which started at an unsuccessful attempt to get a Schengen visa at French embassy(wait, it not even French embassy, just an outsourced job to TLS whatever). This is not relevant but could control sharing my experience about a different visa application centre. I took humongous efforts to reach the visa centre by 8:00 am, just to reach work after completing this thing. So i had to wait for 10 mins in queue after which the office was open to all applicants. And i was inside in another queue to check what type of visa application etc? After that i was assigned to counter, a very warm lovely(read hot) lady with a pleasant smile came over and very courteously asked about my form and passport. and to my dismay and shock my application was rejected upfront. i need to get my Indian passport reissued, reason, The lamination on the front page is slightly taken off from left bottom corner. Believe me its just 1.5 inch of lamination that is not sticking and got removed. But that is unacceptable for these guys. Even the matter of fact that i got my other Schengen visas earlier and most importantly UK WP as well last year. but no we can’t accept it, it will be rejected was her answer. On top of that she also said that we believe that you have not tampered passport, but we can’t accept visa application. Its like, we know you haven’t tempered, but we will still considered it as tampered. the point is it was of no use being so polite and courteous, if am not getting what is want.(*Inserts smily face here*) Wt* is that? So now i have to half-heartedly renew/reissue my passport, which is being forced upon me. And that is how i stumbled upon this blog, which really changed my mood. Kudos, nice and thanks. This is still rated as no. 1 blog by google.. :)
    Going through all the comments it seems like things and people have changed at both ends.
    Ms/Mr/ Longhopper preserve this and at some point you might think of publishing these comments in a book or something. :)


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