The Great Indian Passport Renewal Saga

Indian PassportFinally some news about my passport. After standing in long queues in the blazing hot sun everyday for the last four weeks, I managed to get an audience with the Regional Passport Officer. While waiting for my time with the RPO, I met another individual who had similar issues as mine with regard to renewal. However, this particular inidividual had to be abroad within the next week as he had won a sponsorship to represent India in one of those scholarly meets in Zurich. Now, c’mon people, if not for me, please give him his passport at least. Don’t stifle intelligence!

Anyway, I met up with the RPO to enquire the status of my renewal application. After a few anxious moments, the RPO called someone from the Records Section on the intercom and called her to the office to clarify my case. Now, this lady walks in, checks my paper in front on me and tells me that she wasn’ t sure as to why my birth certificate has to be verified for renewal of my passport!!!! Strange, the very people who told me it needs verification!!! She apologised repeatedly and she said she’ll post it for verification the same day.

After a week’s time, having heard nothing from the Passport Office, I went back to the RPO, to find out that they are not in receipt of the verified report from the Registrar of Births & Deaths. I personally had traveled to Registrar’s Office to ensure that it reaches the Passport Office within a day through speed post. I was sent back to the records section, and was advised to check with the Post Office. I went to the Postal Delivery Office and got a confirmation for the delivery only to find that the post at the Passport Office had been unopened for over a week. After haggling for another week, I finally have my shiny new Passport issued. It took six long weeks…..Hurray!!!

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