There is a THING in my pocket…

Sounds like an absurd title until you hear it completely. Not surprisingly, this is an ad campaign for Nokia’s new gadget killer, Nokia N95, one of my recent additions. To begin with, I am a gadget freak. I love all newly introduced technological marvels and go out of my way to gain possession of whatever is affordable. For the last seven years, ever since I started using a mobile phone back in India, I have been a proud owner of number of phones, including a Nokia 8850, 6820, 3110i, 9500, N70, Motorola A925, Samsung N620 and E720. But none of these phones have excited me as much as the N95.

I had been waiting for the phone since Christmas and was quite pleased to see it being launched in the UK during the Long Easter Weekend in April. I called my network immediately and managed to negotiate a decent deal, without a hefty deposit on a twelve month contract (For a N95, that is a real bargain). Around that time, I was in the process of changing jobs and I requested my network to deliver the phone to my new work place. The first day of my new job, I was more excited about receiving the phone than I was for my new job.

Nokia N95The Courier man walked straight to my table and delivered the package. I spent the rest of the day at work, giving regular furtive glances to my yet unpacked phone and at close, I hurried home with the parcel. Once I reached home, I unpacked it and out came the incredible THING…it sure is not one THING…its MANY!

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